In a world where we are seeking happiness, searching for purpose, and longing for a connection to something more, I invite you to take a glimpse into my journey so far. We all have our own paths, all are valuable and meaningful, and mine is only one way.

I am exploring spirituality in my daily life in Winnipeg, Canada, through the lens of my Vietnamese heritage, Buddhist upbringing, love of world mythologies, and travel to sacred spaces around the globe.

And writing about it.


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My Writing Day

Author rob mclennan has put together a cool project for writers to describe their writings days. I’m honoured to be part of this project. Learn more about rob here. I do not write every day. When I do write, this is what a typical day is like for me. Please check out my piece here. Enjoy!

Travel to Sacred Spaces – Delphi, Greece

When I feel untethered, I need to take a moment to reflect and recharge. My wellness strategy is to reconnect with that which is more to life than just busyness. After meditating on the “navel of the world” to find my centre again, I share the experience of when I travelled there many years ago. … Continue reading Travel to Sacred Spaces – Delphi, Greece

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